Laravel Environment Architecture Course

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Laravel Environment Architecture Course

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Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Have you ever wanted to change jobs, freelance, or build web systems to have a stable and prosperous life?

These days, with the spread of remote work due to Corona, the demand for remote system development is increasing, especially using AWS. Corona may settle down in the future, but another cause may make it impossible to develop systems at the company in the future.

If that happens, having experience developing with AWS will allow you to be flexible and will give you an advantage in changing jobs or freelancing. By actually developing systems on AWS in this course, you will be able to understand how system development on AWS works.

By building your own web system and providing services, you can have a more stable life. We hope that by learning to develop systems on AWS, you will be prepared for the future.

Table of Contents


  • Wix Laravel System Development Course
  • Wix Django System Development Course

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • Overview of this course and what you will learn

Chapter 2 Getting Started with AWS

  • Create an AWS account
  • Let's set up fee alerts in CloudWatch
  • Let's create a working user with IAM

Chapter 3: Build Your Network

  • Let's create a VPC
  • Let's create a subnet
  • Let's set up routing

Chapter 4: Let's Build a Web Server

  • Let's set up an EC2 instance
  • Let's fix your IP address with ElasticIP address
  • Install Visual Studio Code
  • Connect to an EC2 instance with Visual Studio Code
  • Let's install Laravel on an EC2 instance
  • Let's see if Laravel is displayed on the screen


  • Author Profile
  • WixLaravel System Development Course
  • WixDjango System Development Course


  • Be able to build your own AWS infrastructure for your services
  • Be able to create applications in Laravel on the infrastructure you have built
  • Visual Studio Code will allow you to modify AWS source code
Laravel Environment Architecture Course

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He started his career as a university student working as a web designer and later became a programmer.

After gaining experience as a temporary programmer and system engineer, joined a large-scale telecommunications project as a full-stack engineer.

Worked as a web designer, programmer, and full-stack engineer in the IT industry for more than 20 years, and is currently working on system development while sharing the system development know-how he has accumulated with his students. Also active as an instructor at a programming 

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