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JavaScript for Modern Web Development

JavaScript for Modern Web Development

From Web Development Basics to Building Real Applications

person icon Alok Ranjan

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updated on icon Updated on Jan, 2021

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This eBook includes

Formats : EPUB, PDF (Downlodable)

Pages : 438

ISBN : 9789389328721

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Beginner to Expert in Web development with JavaScript: From HTML to React-Redux

Key Features

● Acquire web development skills to build independent applications
● Understand the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Redux
● Create build beautiful applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Redux
● Learn how to debug and unit test your applications properly to build good end products
● Follow best practices to write good quality code and build performant applications


This book will take you on a complete journey of learning web development, starting right with the basics. The book begins with the history of web development and JavaScript, how it has evolved over these years, and how it still keeps growing with new features. Next, you will learn the basic pillars of web development - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will learn about the functional, object-oriented programming and asynchronous behaviour, and how JavaScript provides for these. Empowered with the basics, you will proceed to learn the new features of JavaScript, ES2015, and the latest ES2019. Next, you will apply your learning to build a real application to see how the Web takes shape.At the end, you will also have an introductory section on ReactJS, one of the modern frameworks for UI development and also develop a simple weather application using React. You will be introduced to Redux as the state container for React applications. This book will conclude with an introductory look at additional topics which can be taken up to become a professional and in building enterprise level applications.

What will you learn

By the end of the book, you will be building real web applications to put your knowledge to practice. This book introduces all the concepts to get started with web application development. To further excel in this field, you really need to practice by building a lot many applications, implementing your own ideas or imitating existing websites. Also remember to practice additional examples provided in the code bundle of the book to master this field.

Who this book is for

This book can be used by people who are completely new to software development and want to get into front-end web development by starting from basics. This book can also be used by JavaScript users for a quick reference to the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JS, and learn ReactJS with Redux, as well as the new features in JavaScript ES2019.

Table of Contents

1. History of JS and how it has revolutionized web development
2. HTML: Creating Web Content
3. CSS: Making content beautiful
4. JavaScript Programming: Making application Interactive
5. Functional programming with JavaScript
6. Object-Oriented JavaScript
7. Asynchronous Programming
8. What’s new in ES2019 JavaScript
9. Building an application with JavaScript
10. Debugging JavaScript Applications
11. Unit test automation
12. Build and Deploy an Application
13. JavaScript Best Practices
14. Introduction to React
15. Building an application with React
16. State Management in React applications
17. Debugging, Testing and Deploying React applications
18. What is next - for becoming a pro?

JavaScript for Modern Web Development

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BPB Publications

BPB Publications

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