IPv4 and Subnetting Made Super Easy

A Comprehensive eBook /Flipbook that serves as an essential guide for Networking enthusiasts who want to gain a deep understanding of IPv4 Addressing, Subnetting, OSI Model & more fundamental concepts in computer networking. (This Book is Strictly for Freshers)

About the Book

"IPv4 and Subnetting Made Super Easy" (23 pages Only)

The book starts with a detailed overview of Decimal, Binary & Hexadecimal Number systems, Slowly going to TCP/IP , IPv4 Addressing, Classes, Subnet Mask , Subnetting. The eBook then delves into the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, which provides a framework for understanding how data is transmitted across networks. Each layer of the OSI model is explained in depth, including its purpose, functions, and protocols associated with it.

Subnetting, a critical skill for network administrators, is thoroughly explained with step-by-step examples and practical scenarios along with an easy way where you can literally do subnetting by heart. Topics covered include subnetting basics, calculating subnets, designing subnet masks. The eBook also includes tips and tricks for efficient subnetting, as well as best practices for IP address allocation and management.


Only relevant information is provided in form of bullet points & along with its clear explanations, practical examples, and real-world scenarios, "IPv4 and Subnetting Made Super Easy" is a valuable resource for networking professionals, IT students, and anyone looking to enhance their understanding of these key networking concepts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, this eBook will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently configure, manage, and troubleshoot IPv4 networks using the OSI model and subnetting techniques.

The Target Audience for this book is Freshers & Beginners who want to quickly grasp the IPv4 Addressing & Subnetting concepts and keeping in mind the eBook price is limited to lowest value.

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Have been in the IT & Security Industry for close to 19 years now. On Checkpoint Firewall, I have achieved CCSA, CCSE & CCSE+ . Alongside got certified expertise on McAfee SIEM, IBM -QRadar SIEM & BlueCoat Security Analytics (Solera). Product knowledge include multi OEMs Firewall, IPS, SSL Visibility, SIEM, SOC Operations, EDR, Security Analytics & Investigations. Delivered multiple Security Deployments across clients spread to BFSI, Government, IT-ITES verticals. Currently, I am trying to share some of my knowledge by means of Online Teaching

IPv4 and Subnetting Made Super Easy
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