Formats - PDF

   Pages - 197

   ISBN - 979-8422607112

   Excel, Microsoft, Office Productivity

   Edition - 1

  Language - English

   Published on 05/2022



This book will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel from the ground up. Where to get it and how to get it on different devices You will become acquainted with the operation of Microsoft Excel. Its primary interfering factor is entering, editing, and managing data. For example, what is a filter, and how do I use one to filter data? Making spreadsheets, tables, data validation, formulas, and charts are all covered in this book. Its functions, number functions, text functions, logic functions, count functions, date/time functions, and everything else are explained very simply. You will read and design spreadsheets, edit, manipulate, sort, analyze data, and create equations by reading this book.

All shortcuts and valuable techniques are also provided to assist you in making your work easier. So, how does this book guarantee that it will help you learn Excel by the end? It's simple; you can learn Excel thoroughly by reading it for 7 days. The book is divided into seven sections; if each section is read in a day, excel can be learned in no time. You will learn Excel even if you have never used it before in such a short period. So, without further ado, continue reading, and you will see how it will make it a much better experience for you. As you begin reading, you will realize that the information contained in this book is much simpler than all of the complex courses you have found online, which have created an intimidating stigma for you.

On the other hand, this book will better know how Excel works. And the explanations in this book are very schematic, with pictures and examples to help you understand it thoroughly. Moreover, Excel's functionality is described in detail. This will improve your work-life by increasing your efficiency and productivity and making you a better employee. Furthermore, it will save you time while also earning you more money.

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