Eternal Quantum Experiences


Eternal Quantum Experiences

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ISBN : 8222665163

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The scientist has currently started to address physics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics. This interesting mix created the idea of biocentrism, which the professor now engaged. Biocentrism teaches that life and consciousness are the ideas of the universe and that consciousness creates the fabric universe, and now not vice versa. The concept indicates that the dying of focus isn't always possible, but is most effective a concept due to the fact humans pick out themselves with their body. They agree that the frame will disappear finally and that their consciousness will die with the frame. If the body creates consciousness, then consciousness dies along with the body, but if the frame gets recognition in an identical way as cable TV signal reception, it is clean that cognizance continues to exist whilst it leaves its physical shell. In reality, attention exists out of doors the boundaries of time and area. It may be everywhere: in the frame and outside the body. In different phrases, it isn't always neighborhood in an identical manner as quantum structures. The book is written by Professor Sanjay Rout. It is available in all worlds’ global leading stores.

Eternal Quantum Experiences

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