Cybersecurity Awarness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks

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Cybersecurity Awarness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks

Cyber Security Demystified for non-techie, organizations, students, teachers, kids, law enforcement, women and for the common man.


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Cybersecurity Awareness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks. 

Cyber Security Demystified for non-techie, organizations, students, teachers, kids, law enforcement, women and for the common man.

Learn how Not to be phished, exploited, defrauded, 50+ practical tips, Counter ATP, Email Scams, Vishing Calls, WhatsApp Scams, Zero-day Threat, Cloud Security, Social engineering attacks, Ransomware risk, Online Banking Frauds, Dating Scams, PDoS, data security, Tor and lot more.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction Pg.8
  • Don't fall in love with pdf attachments: PDF attacks - the dedication of the criminals Pg. 10
  • Image can hack your WhatsApp account - risk, threats and countermeasures Pg. 12
  • Hookups on public Wi-Fi could be deadly pg. 13
  • Don't leave your cookies for others Pg. 15
  • You don't share underwear... Then why do you share your OTP (one-time password)? Pg. 17
  • IoT: what is it? How vulnerable is it and how to protect your IoT devices? Pg. 20
  • What's on cloud? How it can be breached? Pg. 23
  • HTTPS security be compromised Pg. 26
  • Ftp File Transfer Security Risk. What is FTP? Threat, Risk, Vulnerability & Countermeasures Pg. 28
  • Online Job, Friendship Club Fraud and Dating Scams  Pg. 30
  • Bot is not so hot! - Threats, protection and defense for you and your family, friends and organization. Pg. 33
  • Antivirus & free Antivirus: The Fake Zone of Security. Pg. 36
  • Endpoint protection - End Zero Day Pg. 38
  • Know how Firewall catch fire (Security holes) Pg. 40
  • Stinking passwords Pg. 42
  • Call frauds and card cloning - Don’t lose your hard-earned money  Pg. 44
  • Trash can crash your bottom-line Pg. 49
  • Web site vulnerability Pg. 54
  • Plain text attacks Pg. 58
  • Pop up Malicious ads Pg. 60
  • WhatsApp spam Pg. 62
  • Overlooked social media scams Pg. 65
  • Bitcoin Scams Pg. 68
  • Malicious apps Pg. 70
  • Secure your secured browser Pg. 72
  • Don't track me Pg. 75
  • 2FA - double protection for you Pg. 77
  • Don't allow skimmers to skim away hard-earned money from ATM Pg. 79
  • Anti-zero-day Pg. 80
  • What's NFC? What's RFID? How hackable is it? What are the protection measures? Pg. 83
  • One click threats Pg. 85
  • Block ATP attacks: tips to deal and counter it Pg. 87
  • Email scams (credit limit lowered, jobs offer, private venture scams) & protection tips Pg. 89
  • Ransomware: Is the biggest threat to your data. Tips to protect your critical or sensitive data and information Pg. 96
  • P2P threats: All are invited... But think twice before you join. Pg. 99
  • Risk Management Policy: How it's a countermeasure for cyber threats and security risks? Pg. 100
  • Safety tips for Tor users: Checklist for privacy revealed Pg. 102
  • Link attacks Pg. 104
  • Human (Mind) re-engineering: Is the Number 1 threat. Protect yourself and create awareness culture. Pg. 106
  • Assess your vulnerability and patch it quickly Pg. 109
  • Super-fast exploration targets - office, adobe reader, flash players, Internet Explorer Pg. 110
  • RAT... Smell Awful! Must know threats and tips to avoid RAT (Remote Access Trojan) Pg. 112
  • Google drive attacks and threats Pg. 114
  • Admin Rights is not the Birth Rights for everyone: Control and Strategies for administrative rights Pg. 115
  • Why should you keep your employees happy? Pg. 116
  • Browser Bot: What is it? How it hijacks your data, privacy and launch hacking attacks. Pg. 117
  • Hacker can compromise your system with QR Code Pg. 118
  • What is Metadata? How hackers steal data? How privacy is at stake? Pg. 119
  • Dating apps and security risk Pg. 121
  • Don’t get pawned by Vishing Calls and Smishing Frauds Pg. 122
  • DDS (Default Deadly Settings) Pg. 125
  • GPS and Privacy at Stake Pg. 127
  • Creepy apps on Google Play Store and tips to protect yourself Pg. 128
  • PDoS (Permanent Denial of Service Pg. 130
  • Cyber Bullying Pg. 132
Cybersecurity Awarness: A Real-World Perspective on Cybercrime & Cyberattacks

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Author Details

Prakash Prasad

Prakash Prasad

Author is a member of the Cyber Crime Investigation Faculty, Cyber Forensic Analyst, Business Coach, Investment Banker and a Researcher. He has authored four plus books on Cyber Law, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cyber Crime Awareness. He contributes to Magazines of International Repute. 

In the last 2 decades, He has trained thousands of participants working in various sectors including the leading LEA, regulatory bodies, police officers, tax investigators, corporate investigators, intelligence analysts, fraud analysts, journalists, investigators and leading universities about Private Investigations, Cryptocurrency Forensics, Social Media Investigation, Payment Fraud Investigation, E-commerce Security, Financial Markets and Products,Business Skills, Economics, Statistics, Data Science, Data Fraud Forensics, Design Thinking, Public Administration, Life Skills, Law, Psychology, Banking Fundamentals, Advance Banking concepts, Foreign Exchange, International Banking, Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud Analysis, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, FinTech, Innovative Technology(Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI, AR, VR, Robotics, IoT, Quantum Computing), Asset & Liability Management and Business Analytics.

He has also presented at a number of international cybersecurity conferences on the topic of cyber crime, bank frauds, financial scams, cyber security, AML, Blockchain, Dark Web, OSINT and conducting live investigations.

His mission is to make the course accessible and easy. Most of his courses will teach you what you haven't learned in school, college or at your workplace.


Some of his accords...

  • Man-of-Substance - ASCL
  • CyberTask Force - Govt. of India 
  • Best Teacher of the Year - Association of Universities
  • Top Writer on Quora
  • Open Source Intel (OSINT)
  • Finovate Award - ICAI
  • Banking Fraud and Cyber Law - GLC
  • Award Wining Investment Banker
  • Usable Security - University of Maryland


He teach: 

Certificate in Fintech Regulatory Compliance (CFRC)™

Certified Program in Anti Money laundering Professional (CPMP)™

Executive Program in Fintech Law ™

Certified Blockchain Security Analyst (CBSA)

Certified Social Media Intelligence Examiner (CSMIE)

Certified Patent Analyst (CPA+)

Certified Trademark Analyst (CTA)

Certified Copyright Analyst (CCA)

IS-011: Certified Private Investigator (Level 1)

IS-033: Document & Handwriting Forensics Investigation

CS-12: Certificate Course in DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

IS-044: Smart Contract Hacking & Security

Crypto-asset Compliance Professional (CAMP)™

Website: Cyber School

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