Co-Creation Leadership

Helping Leaders Develop Their Superpower of Co-Creation for the Greater Good of the Organization


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The COVID-19 global pandemic has revealed the fragility of humanity. Uncertainty and ambiguity are the ways of the world today, so leaders must adapt and rise to the challenge. In this environment, co-creation leadership is a superpower that leaders need in order to help their organizations thrive.

 Co-creation is when two or more people collaborate to achieve a common goal. Co-creation leadership can bring people together to generate success for the greater good of the organization.

 In this book, Dr. Terry Jackson, a renowned expert in executive coaching and organizational change, discusses how all leaders can use co-creation leadership to achieve success in any organization—whether an independent business, a publicly-traded company, a nonprofit foundation, a church group, or a board of directors. He also introduces the co-creation leadership’s RECIPE model:

 (R) Revolutionary Results.

 Co-creation leadership can produce revolutionary results because co-creation is, in and of itself, a revolution. Leaders need to ensure that their co-creation isn’t merely lip service; otherwise, real transformation can’t take place. 

(E) Execution. Leaders should execute the plans and initiatives to help the organization produce better solutions for their customers. Just imagine what humans could do if they never heard the words “failure” and “limitation.”

 (C) Culture. The culture set by co-creation leadership is all about the “why.” It serves as the North Star for any person in the organization. Co-creation leadership can help create a healthy culture with fully engaged employees, improved performance, and increased productivity. 

(I) Intention. Co-creation leadership is intentional leadership. Leaders should intentionally develop those in the organization to their fullest potential and encourage them to collaborate for the company’s greater good. 

(P) Purpose. Purpose is a key part of co-creation leadership because it allows leaders and those in the organization to continually want to grow and succeed. Co-creation leadership helps people live their purpose, resulting in increased intent and motivation to succeed. 

(E) Evolution. A thriving organization is a constantly evolving organization. Evolution is all about growth and transformation. Co-creation leadership pushes everyone in the organization to explore new possibilities and embrace transformation in order to succeed. 

All six components in co-creation leadership—revolutionary results, execution, culture, intention, purpose, and evolution—are equally important in building a co-creative organization. Take one element away, and the RECIPE of co-creation leadership is incomplete. 

 Leaders with underperforming teams can recognize and apply the components in co-creation to have a better chance of success. Successful co-creation paves the way for healthier and happier humans and contributes to flourishing and thriving organizations.

Co-Creation Leadership

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Quick2Publish™, a California corporation, is a quick2publish book publisher that has the distribution channels of the big guys and the customer service of Nordstrom. Quick2Publish™ books deliver wisdom.

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