Building Production-ready Web Apps with Node.js

Building Production-ready Web Apps with Node.js

A Practitioner’s Approach to produce Scalable, High-performant, and Flexible Web Components

   Formats - PDF, EPUB

   Pages - 356

   ISBN - 9789391392338

   Web Development, Node.JS

  Language - English

   Published on 12/2021



Building Production-ready Web Apps with Node.js' teaches you how a web application works from the inside out with detailed illustrations of the various components. You should be able to use the knowledge to develop new web applications, enhance existing applications, or re-architect applications to meet new workload characteristics or deployment scenarios. This book, written by a Node.js community leader, walks you through the various aspects of a web application, beginning with platform selection and ending with production problem determination. It offers unique Node.js features that make it a high-performer in IO workloads. The book then walks you through the components of a web application, such as the front-end, back-end, middleware functions, database, and third-party services. There are several real-world case studies and illustrative examples to help you internalize the knowledge easily. If you read this book, you should be able to apply what you've learned in your current job situation. This book will provide you with the ability to appreciate and rationalize the design considerations of modern web technologies.

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