Basics of Designing - Desktop Publishing

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From why use DTP, to who uses it, to Software used in DTP, the author Bittu Kumar takes you through all fundamental elements necessary for performing a good job with Desktop Publishing.  Aided by step-by-step instructions, actual screen shots, illustrations and specific attributes in using MS Word, Microsoft Paint and MS Publisher this book details how to be a successful Desktop Publisher. More importantly, you become fully aware of why you must consider significantly important five questions when applying design principles in desktop publishing projects: 1. What is the DTP project designed to do? 2. What is the project designed to communicate? 3. What format will best communicate the project's message? 4. What design constraints does the project budget impose? 5. What design techniques will help the viewer understand the project's message? It also briefly informs you how to put these five graphic design tools – Space, Fonts, Color, Illustration & Photography and Consistency - to good use when designing and executing a desktop publishing work.

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Basics of Designing - Desktop Publishing
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