Accelerating Nonprofit Impact with Salesforce

Accelerating Nonprofit Impact with Salesforce

About the Book

Drive digital transformation for nonprofits with well-organized volunteer management, donor engagement, fundraising, and grantmaking using the intelligent and powerful capabilities of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Key Features

  • Implement NPSP modules to scale varied business operations in nonprofits
  • Administer and automate business processes and tasks with NPSP for nonprofits
  • Customize and extend the standard functionalities of Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP as per client needs, resources, and critical outcomes

Book Description

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud enables a 360-degree view of people related to your nonprofit to connect fundraising, program management, and grantmaking. With a single, unified view of every interaction with constituents, nonprofits can create strong relationships with the community and streamline internal processes.

The book starts by covering the tools and features that make up Nonprofit Cloud, helping you understand their standard functionalities and how Nonprofit Success Pack's (NPSP) data architecture is critical to implementation. You’ll learn how the Nonprofit Cloud Program Management Module can connect your programs, automate case management, and track client progress. Next, you’ll explore the tools for creating a change management process to increase user adoption. Moving ahead, you’ll understand how to configure necessary permissions for NPSP administration and explore how declarative tools help better align the goals of a nonprofit organization. Toward the concluding chapters, you’ll cover customizations, deployment, custom reports, and dashboards for fundraising analytics, as well as best practices for data management to maintain its integrity.

By the end of this Salesforce book, you’ll be able to build and configure the Nonprofit Cloud for a variety of use cases to achieve maximum social impact with the least amount of technical debt.

What you will learn

  • Implement various components and modules in Nonprofit Cloud
  • Implement tools for grantmaking, program management, and case management
  • Extend the standard functionalities of Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP
  • Identify and use success metrics to prioritize goals and outcomes for implementation
  • Explore the tools that Nonprofit Cloud offers for testing and deployment
  • Build custom reports and dashboards for NPSP and use Tableau dashboard starters for fundraising analytics
  • Understand best practices for data management to maintain data accuracy and data integrity

Who this book is for

This book is for technical consultants, functional consultants, and Salesforce architects who are working with nonprofit organizations and want to implement different functionalities within Nonprofit Cloud and NPSP optimally for business processes and tasks in their organizations. Salesforce administrator skills and overall proficiency with Salesforce are required to get the most out of this book.

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Accelerating Nonprofit Impact with Salesforce
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