E-Business - An Overview

E- business - Meaning, Scope, Benefits and Limitations

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Language - English Published on 09/2022


1. What is e-business?

2. Name the three strongest trends that are shaping businesses.

3. Discuss the scope of e-business.

4. What is meant by B2B eCommerce.

5. What is the difference between B2C and C2C eCommerce.

6.What is the meaning of Intra-B eCommerce.

7. What are the various benefits of e-business?

8.What are the limitations of e-business?

9.What is the difference between traditional business and e-business?

10. Briefly discuss the various constituents of e-business and inter  and intra transactions among them.

11. e-business has 24/7 availability. Discuss.

12. How e-business has global reach?

13. How e-business is beneficial for the customer?

14. Why some people resist their organization's plans of entry in to e-business?

15. What is the meaning of traditional business?

16. What type of human resources are required for e-business.

17. What is the meaning of B2C ecommerce?

18. What is meant by C2C ecommerce?

19. What types of business functions can be carried out over computer networks?

20. It is easy to set up e-business in comparison to Traditional business. Discuss.

21. It is one of the limitations of e-business that physical delivery of products takes time. Give any one example where a Company is trying to address this problem.

22. Why it is necessary that we become aware of how e-business is conducted?

What Will I Get ?

  • What is e-business?
  • What is the scope of e-business?
  • What are the various benefits and limitations of e-business?
  • What is the difference between traditional business and e-business?


  • No skills, experience, tools or equipment required. You will learn everything you need to know.

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