Draw $ \overline{\mathrm{AB}} $ of length $ 7.3 \mathrm{~cm} $ and find its axis of symmetry.

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To do:

We have to draw $\overline{AB}$ of length $7.3\ cm$ and find its axis of symmetry.


Steps of construction:

(i) Let us draw the line segment $\overline{AB}$ of length $7.3\ cm$.

(ii) Now, let us take the compasses and measure a length greater than half of the length of $\overline{AB}$.

(iii) By pointing the pointer of the compasses at point A as the centre let us draw a circle.

(iv) Again, by using the same measure let us draw two arcs from the point B on the formed circle and point them as points C and D respectively.

(v) Now, let's join the points C and D 

(vi) Therefore, $\overline{CD}$ is the axis of symmetry $\overline{AB}$.

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