Draw any line segment $ \overline{\mathrm{PQ}} $. Without measuring $ \overline{\mathrm{PQ}} $, construct a copy of $ \overline{\mathrm{PQ}} $.

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 6

To do:

We have to draw any line segment $\overline{PQ}$ and without measuring $\overline{PQ}$, we have to construct a copy of $\overline{PQ}$.


Steps of construction:

(i) First let us draw any line segment $\overline{PQ}$.

(ii) Then by pointing the pointer of compasses on point P let us adjust the compasses to point Q.

(iii) Let us draw a line \'l\' and mark a point A on it.

(iv) Now by placing the pointer of the compasses on point A draw an arc on the line \'l\' and mark it as point B.

(v) Therefore, the required $\overline{PQ}$  is formed.

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