Does MobiKwik charge if you transfer wallet balance to your bank account?

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I created MobiKwik account in 2014 with the greed to get cashback and even more cashback as it was kind of war like situation among digital wallets that time. Everyone wants to allure customers whether hook or by cashback. You won’t believe that I used to earn up to ₹ 50 with every transaction of or above ₹100. A race had commenced among the giants like Paytm, Freecharge, and MobiKwik.

This was a scenario until demonetization but his whimsical policy of Modi not only fucked up Indian economy but also my personal financial growth.

Anyway! I will lament over my poor economic status after answering your question.

Coming to your question, yes. MobiKwik bloody charges if you initiate the money transfer from its wallet to any bank account and that too massively. MobiKwik charges for this ‘honest’ service about 4% of your total amount. For instance, if you are transferring ₹10,000, prepare yourself to pay to this fucking service provider ₹ 400 straight away.

Interestingly, such types of wallets keep bugging you to add money to the wallets. I have unsubscribed their emails and even closed accounts, as they rarely run cashback offers now. Using only one at the moment.

Take it as a free advice !! 

Updated on 28-Apr-2022 06:41:29