Does geographical isolation of individual of a species lead to formation of a new species? Provide a suitable explanation.

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Geographical isolation occurs when the two groups of organisms become geographically separated. The new species developed due to geographical separation is known as allopatric speciation.

When two groups of organisms are isolated to no longer interbreed, their green pools become varied. Genes cannot be exchanged among the groups, allowing them to form two different species.

For example, The Kaibab squirrel, subspecies of Abert\'s squirrel, formed when a small population isolate on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Extra information:

Speciation is the process of the formation of new species either by evolution or by genetic modification of the existing species in a population.

Factors responsible for speciation are natural selection, genetic drift, geographical isolation, and mutation.

1) Natural selection: Genetic variation in the individual species generated due to natural incidents led to the evolution of new species.

2) Genetic drift: Sudden alternation in gene frequency due to any natural or manmade factor is called genetic drift.

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