Do you think an electromagnet can be used for separating plastic bags from a garbage heap? Explain.

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 7

No, electromagnets can attract only magnetic substances.

Nature of plastic bags:

Plastic bags are non-magnetic in nature and are not attracted by an electromagnet.

Nature of electromagnet:

When an electric current is passed through a wire which is curled in series(coil), then a magnetic field is created around this coil and it is called electromagnet and this magnetic field is said to be an electromagnetic field. The electromagnet has some properties which are as:

Electromagnets are attractive $\rightarrow$

Electromagnets attract ferromagnetic materials like iron, nickel, and cobalt.

Electromagnets are repulsive $\rightarrow$

Electromagnets are repulsive in nature because unlike poles electromagnets repel each other.

Electromagnets are directive $\rightarrow$

Electromagnets are directive in nature because a freely suspended electromagnet will always point in the North-South direction. 

From the nature of a plastic bag and an electromagnet, it is clear that an electromagnet does not attract a plastic bag. Hence, an electromagnet cannot be used for separating plastic bags from a garbage heap.

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