Do you see any change in the society after the Nirbhaya case?

The answer to this question is quite ambiguous. While, the number of rape cases in India may not have reduced, but the publication through media, has certainly brought these cases into the limelight. It is disheartening that Rs 322 crore was allotted under the Nirbhaya fund. A cell phone borne alarm system for women safety was promised, but it has already been more than 5 years and the bid is still taking place.

What Has Not Changed?

Even till now, women must not travel alone and they must not be out late night. They must not wear short or over-showy clothes and they must not drink or smoke. Hence, women’s mobility and choices are yet restricted. Neither the home nor streets are safe for women. Many families in India still prefer the boy child over the girl and men still pass comments when they see a girl walking along the street.

What Has Changed?

Today, the scenario is of a sort that if you open up the morning newspaper, you come across a couple of news of rapes even before you take the first sip of your tea. Examples of brutality, inhumanity, evilness are increasing day by day and there is no limit for the same.

Thus, the media has come forward in order to highlight the plight of women. Feminism is an emerging theory and it has been related to women safety in recent times. Females talk about gender biases in seminars and open mic contests.

Thus, it is very important that men change their mindset else nothing is going to change ever.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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