Do Superpowers still hold colonies around the world?

Witnessing many independent countries in this modern world, one might wonder whether there are still colonies that European empires hold. Yes!! There are!! Around 16 colonies most of which are tiny islands, are still there under the clutches of European rulers.

Colonies under US ruling

  • America Samoa: Being occupied by the US in 1990, this is an island of 199 square kilometers, having a population of 57,496 who speak Samoan and English.

  • Guam: Declared a Spanish colony in 1565, this 541 square kilometer of the area contains 175,877 native Chamorros, Filipinos, and other Pacific Islanders.

  • U.S. Virgin Islands: These islands of 346 square kilometers, having 108,210 of the population were purchased by the US in 1917.

  • Other colonies such as Tokelau was occupied by New Zealand, New Caledonia and Western Sahara which is formerly called as Spanish Sahara were occupied by France.

Colonies Under UK Ruling

  • Anguilla: Colonized in 1650, Anguilla has 102 square kilometers of the area having 14,108 English speaking population. Getting incorporated with St. Kitts and Nevis, it was formed as a single British colony.

  • Bermuda: When English settlers who had their ships wrecked on their way to Virginia, invaded Bermuda in 1609 which is still under their rule. This 63 square kilo metered island which includes 138 coral island and islets, has a population of 66,536 who speak English and Portuguese as well. This has the highest per capita income.

  • British Virgin Islands: Covering 16 inhabited and 20 uninhabited islands, these islands are of 153 square kilometers having a population of 24,004.

  • Cayman Islands: These Islands were colonized by British during 18th and 19th century. Of 47,862 people most of them live on Grand Cayman island and the whole makeup to 262 square kilometers.

  • Falkland Islands: Great Britain claimed this Island and established a naval garrison there in 1833. This is of 12,173 square kilometers covering 200 small Islands including East and West Falkland having a population of 3,140.

  • Gibraltar: Having 28 thousand of multi-lingual people in 6.5 square kilometers of area Gibraltar was formally declared as a colony in 1830.

  • Others such as Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, St. Helen, Turks and Caicos Islands were also occupied by the United Kingdom.