$DL$ and $BM$ are the heights on sides $AB$ and $AD$ respectively of parallelogram $ABCD$ $(Fig 11.24)$. If the area of the parallelogram is $1470\ cm^2$, $AB = 35\ cm$ and $AD = 49\ cm$, find the length of $BM$ and $DL$.

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Area of parallelogram $=1470\ cm^2$ 

$AB=35\ cm$ and $AD=49\ cm$

To do:

We have to find the length of $BM$.


We know that,

Area of parallelogram of base b and height h $=b\times h$

This implies,

$1470=49\times BM$

$BM= \frac{1470}{49}\ cm$

$BM=30\ cm$

Therefore, the length of BM is 30 cm.

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