DIVE DEEP INTO CHAKRAS: Includes A-Z Everything

A complete and certified course on diving deep into Chakras: Includes A-Z Everything.

Course Description

What are Chakras?

Chakras carry Divine Energy and Pranas within them. They are disks of our behaviors and life. Balancing them can take our life to a different level of existence. We can not only feel safe, secure, creative, more loving, and expressive but more uplifted spiritually. They balance the material with the spiritual. Technically defined, they are Energy Centers of our body or life, but they define every aspect of our life here on Earth as well with the Universe.

Why is it important to learn about Chakras?

Each Chakra i.e. main energy center is connected to our being on several different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. On the physical level, each chakra governs a main organ or gland, which is then connected to other body parts that resonate with the same frequency. If there are disturbances on any level, this shows in the chakra’s vitality level. Each chakra is not only associated with our physical health but also controls aspects connected to our emotional, mental, and belief system. To help balance a chakra–whether on an emotional, intellectual, physical, or spiritual level–we need to bring in the chakra vibration, which resonates at the same frequency.

Learn how to work on each chakra to make living joyful and perfect –

  • How to cleanse

  • How to charge and activate

  • Meditation with Petal Mantra

  • Meditation with breath

  • Living life mindfully

  • How to change our thoughts from negative to positive for chakra to work at optimum level.

  • and much more...

Details about each chakra such as - 

  • Location

  • Colour

  • Element Associated

  • Shape in detail

  • Petal Mantra

  • No of petals of each Chakra

  • Deities associated

  • Seed Mantra

  • Petal Mantra

  • Carrier Animal of Seed Mantra

  • Physical and non-physical issues related to chakra

  • Lessons associated

  • Imbalances due to dysfunctional chakra

  • and much much more…

Seven Chakras are responsible for making our life either healthy, beautiful, and worth living or unhealthy, sad, and depressing. You will even be able to identify your issues related to each Chakra and work on that.


  • Learn about the 7 chakras of life
  • Understand the significance and usage of chakras
  • A-Z all details of all 7 chakras
  • How to work on each chakra and make living life joyful
  • How to change our thoughts from negative to positive for chakra to work at optimum level
  • Meditation with breath as well as with Petal Mantra
  • How to charge and activate
  • How to cleanse
  • How to live life mindfully


  • No prerequisite knowledge is required. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the chakras of life is welcomed. Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced learners who wish to expand their knowledge can enroll since it is a full-package detailed course.
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  • Introduction to Chakras
  • Chakras Overview
  • Chakras Details
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DIVE DEEP INTO CHAKRAS: Includes A-Z Everything
This Course Includes
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  • 81 Lectures
  • 1 Resources
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