Digital Tools for Customer Acquisition, Conversion, And Retention for SME’s

Learn how to Digitize Your Customer's Journey from a Total Stranger to a Loyal Paying Fan.

  Chinny Uju Nwokedi

   Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Automation

   Published on 11/2021



Do you want to put in the work to grow your business? if your answer is yes then this course is for


Everyone wants to grow their business, but does everyone want to do the work?

This course is for Business owners and managers, Sales and Marketing Executives, and everyone who

wants to put in the work to grow their business and increase customer acquisition, conversion, and

retention rates. This course breaks down the Customer Journey to basic understanding through the

use of very Practical Case studies providing an opportunity to learn from existing mistakes,

strengths, weaknesses, strategy, and insight.

It's not a quick fix but if you implement all you've learnt your business will experience a minimum

20% increase in customer retention.

The Case Study is set in Nigeria, West Africa but can be implemented anywhere in the world because

these principles are universal.

This is packaged with lessons I have learned from my many years of working with start-ups and


In this course, you will learn details about:

i. Elements of Strategy

ii. The Current Digital Climate

iii. The Customer Journey

iv. The Customer Journey Mapping

v. The Acquisition to Retention Cycle

vi. Distribution Channels

vii. Community Building and Engagement

viii. Real life Practical Case Studies

At the end of this course, you will have practical exercises that will lead you to what your next steps

should be to turn your customers into loyal paying fans.

This course is hands-on, practical, and in-depth and has been designed to help increase your

customer acquisition, conversion and retention rates.

What Will I Get ?

  • How to infuse technology into Onboarding a Customer at every Level of the Customer Journey.

  • How to Build and Manage a vibrant online community that will eat out of your hands regardless of what you sell

  • How to Digitize Your Customer's journey

  • Practical Case Studies that will teach you how to personalize the principles taught in this course.


  • Must be interested in Entrepreneurship or is an Entrepreneur

  • Must be excited to put in the work required to grow a business

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Digital Tools for Customer Acquisition, Conversion, And Retention for SME’s
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