Differentiate between DIMM and SIMM in Computer Network

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DIMM stands for "Dual In-Line Memory Module" and is a type of computer memory. A DIMM is a small circuit board that holds memory chips. It uses a 64-bit bus to the memory, whereas a single in-line memory module (SIMM) only has a 32-bit path.

Types of DIMM

The two types of DIMM are as follows −

  • 168 pin DIMM structure is different from the SIMM because it has tiny notches along the rows of the pins at the bottom of the module.

  • 184 and 240 pin DIMMs is provided with only one crack at the different position to prevent the improper placement of the DIMM in the socket.

SIMM stands for a single in-line memory module. It has a 64-bit data path, which allows DIMMs to transfer data at a fast speed. DIMM is a module that comes in the replacement of SIMM. This memory module consumes 3.3 comparatively lower volts.

Types of SIMM

There are two variants of the SIMM, one with 30 pins and the other with 72 pins.

  • 30 pins SIMM contain an address width of 8 bits and 1MB or 4 MB of RAM. Therefore, the data it can transfer from the memory bus at a time is 8 bits. Later hardware of 30 pins SIMM contains parity bits for the error detection, making the address width of 9 bits. To ensure the proper installation of the SIMM, it has a notch on the bottom left.

  • 72 pins SIMM can have an address width of 32 bits or 36 bits, including parity bits. Each byte is allotted parity bits (for 32 data, bits 4 bits are for parity). The RAM amount can be 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 MB. It is notched at the side and centre of the module.


The major differences between DIMM and SIMM are as follows −

DIMM is a short form of Dual In-Line Memory Module.SIMM is an abbreviation of the Single InLine Memory Module.
DIMMs provide a 64-bit channel.SIMMs provides a 32-bit channel for transmitting the data.
The implementation of DIMM is good.The implementation of SIMM is not good.
Two notches are present in DIMMs.A single notch is present in SIMMS.
DIMM consumes 3.3 volts of power.SIMM consumes 5 volts of power.
Modern Pentium computers use this memory module.This memory module is used by both 486 CPU and early Pentium computers.
DIMMs are installed one at a time.SIMMs are installed in pairs at a time.
The storage provided by DIMM is 32 MB to 1 GB.The storage provided by SIMM is 4 MB to 64 MB.
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