Difference between Testing vs. Checking

In general we can say that both Testing and Checking are used to evaluate a product that whether product is at per the mark and behave as per expectation. Both of these processes are performed before delivery of the product to ensure the delivery of correct and genuine product.

Now the basis of process of both there could be some important differences between both which are as follow.

Following are the important differences between Testing and Checking.

Sr. No.KeyTestingChecking
1DefinitionTesting could be defined as a process of validate a product along with learning about that product by investigating and exploring the product during the process.On other hand Checking could be defined as the process where one verify a particular functionality which is expected to be present in the product, is working fine or not. It is generally done for the feature verification of product which is working fine before the code changes.
2Covering areaTesting mostly focus on the area of functionality which is newly developed according to the new requirement or enhancement in the product.While Checking is primarily focused to ensure the expected working of existing functionality.
3PerformersIt is simple to state that the one who perform testing is known as Tester.On other hand one who perform checking is known as Checker.
4OutcomeOutcome of testing generally represented as expected or not also outcome is compared with the predefined expected result.On other hand in case Checking outcome is represented as YES or NO i.e. whether a particular functionality is working fine or not.
5UpdateIn testing testers need not to update regarding what happens other area of the product or what are the new updates that recently take place.While in case of Checking checkers need to get updated as they need to check the functionality after update whether it is working fine after update too or not.
6Quality AssuranceTesting of a product generally gives the quality assurance which helps the developers, project managers to decide about the project that how many defects or bugs their product currently have.On other hand Checking is a quality assurance practice which is done by programmers to help them check the quality assurance of the work done by them.