Difference Between RAM and ROM Memory


In this post, we will understand the difference between RAM and ROM memory −


  • It is known as Random Access Memory.

  • It is a volatile memory that can store data as long as power is being supplied.

  • The data stored over RAM can be retrieved and changed.

  • It is used to store data that needs to be currently processed by CPU (temporary).

  • It has a high-speed memory.

  • The CPU can access the data stored on a RAM.

  • It is large in size and comes with a higher capacity.

  • It can be used as CPU cache, and as primary memory.

  • The data stored on a RAM can be accessed easily.

  • It is expensive.


  • It refers to Read Only Memory.

  • It is a non-volatile memory which can retain the data after the power is turned off.

  • The data stored in a ROM can be read only, not written to.

  • It stores the instructions that would be required during the bootstrapping of the computer.

  • It is slower in comparison to RAM.

  • The CPU can’t access the data stored in ROM.

  • It is small in size.

  • It has less capacity.

  • It can be used firmware and micro-controllers.

  • The data stored on ROM can’t be accessed as easily as in RAM.

  • It is less expensive in comparison to RAM.

Updated on 19-Apr-2021 06:10:01