Difference Between Phishing and Spoofing

In this post, we will understand the difference between phishing and spoofing −


  • It is an identity theft where a person tries to use the identity of a legitimate user.

  • It can be a part of phishing.

  • It can happen when a user downloads a malicious software on their computer.

  • It is done with the aim of getting a new identity.

  • Examples of spoofing include IP spoofing, Email spoofing, URL spoofing.


  • It is the phenomenon where the attacker steals sensitive and confidential information from the user.

  • This confidential information could include PIN numbers, passwords, and bank details.

  • It is not considered as a part of spoofing.

  • It is done using social engineering methods.

  • The purpose of phishing is to get confidential information from the victim.

  • Examples of phishing include phone phishing where the attacker asks the user for OTP, and clone phishing.