Difference between JavaScript and Php

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Both JavaScript and PHP are the most popular programming languages in programming world.Due to their various important characteristics and features both of these languages are widely used globally.

On the basis of their features following are the important differences JavaScript and PHP

Sr. No.KeyJavaScriptPhp
1IntroducedJavaScript was developed after PHP as compared on introducing year.It was developed by Brendan Eich (1995).On other hand PHP was introduced before JavaScript and was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf (1994).
2TypeJavaScript is a Server side scripting language and does not supports Client side scripting.On other hand PHP is a Client side scripting language and does not supports Server side scripting.
3CompilationUpto some extent it could be stated as there is no compilation in Java as it is an Interpreted language that is in Java, the code is first transformed into bytecode and that bytecode is then executed by the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).On other hand C is a compiled language that is it converts the code into machine language so that it could be understood by the machine or system.
4Boolean VariablesJavaScript treat boolean variables as different in upper case and lower case so does not accepts both upper case and lower case boolean variables.On other hand PHP accepts both upper case and lower case boolean variables.
5FunctionLike boolean variables JavaScript is Case sensitive in function.On other hand PHP is Case insensitive in function
5DatabaseJavaScript does not support database.On other hand PHP supports database.
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