Difference between Economy and Premium Economy

When taking a flight with an airline, you can choose a wide variety of seating options. The factors influencing this choice include ease of use, budget, and convenience. Today, most commercial airlines have three distinct service tiers: first class, business class, and economy class.

There is a price difference between the different types of transportation on offer. A few airlines, however, provide a more luxurious option called a premium economy class or economy plus class. These cabin sections are situated between the more basic economy section and the more plush business section. The first-class cabin is being removed to make room for a larger business-class section and more economy-class seats.

The airlines have improved the long-distance travel experience by providing extra legroom seats, bigger cabins, on-demand food and entertainment, and other comforts. Choosing seats on an airplane may be a hassle, and it doesn't help different airlines call the same options by different names. Among the options, "economy" and "premium economy" are probably the most confusing because of their similar names. In the table below, we compare and contrast the key differences between the two.

What is Economy Class?

Economy class is the most basic and inexpensive seating option offered by airlines. That's the lowest possible fare, under any of the airlines' many different names for it. Coach class, or tourist class, is another name that certain airlines use for this section of the plane. Seats completely recline, and there's enough legroom for both short and long trips, making this a comfortable and reasonably priced alternative for travel.

Typical economy class cabins include a 3-3-3 seating configuration, offer adequate legroom, and stock its customers with the basics like food, drink, entertainment, Wi-Fi, and more. The food and other amenities offered on board, as well as the availability of Wi-Fi and an entertainment screen, may vary from one airline to the next. In order to maximize revenue, low-cost airlines typically only provide a single seating configuration in their economy class. Even while economy class passengers have limited personal space and privacy, they still have access to massive overhead storage lockers.

What is Premium Economy Class?

You may hear the term "premium economy" referred to in a number of different contexts. Seating in premium economy is a step up from economy but not quite as opulent as business class. The term "elite economy class" is often used to describe this seating arrangement. Seating in this category is offered by airlines and is a step up from economy class but still falls short of the luxury of business class or first class.

Tickets in the premium economy class often cost 65–85% more than those in the standard economy section. It includes extras like a larger TV screen and free beverages and snacks on board in addition to the standard seat's extra legroom and reclining. One-way international airfare can cost anything from $250 to an eye-popping $1500. The premium economy section of a plane normally has a seating configuration of 2-4-2, however, this varies by carrier.

Differences − Economy and Premium Economy

Characteristics Economy Class Premium Economy


Economy class is the most economical and basic seating option offered by airlines to their clients.

The accommodations in this tier are nicer than those in economy class but not as luxurious as those in business class.


The lowest fare that can be booked directly from the airline.

Tickets in the premium economy class often cost 65–85% more than those in the standard economy section.


Passengers in economy class have less room to move around and fewer places to go to for some quiet time.

Private and spacious cabins are given by airlines for their customers in this category.


Seat pitch may be anywhere from 28 to 34 inches, and seat width from 17 to 33 inches; reclining is standard, and legroom is generous.

Adjustable features include the backrest, legrest, and lumbar support, as well as a few more inches of legroom, seat pitch, width, and a deeper recline.


Economy class is the lowest fare airlines offer, despite the misleading name "coach class." Due to the sheer scale of the market and the nature of pricing, it is crucial. Travelers in "coach" will find themselves in the plane's rearmost compartment. The airlines that fly long distances and the airlines that travel fewer routes have different policies regarding Economy class.

The Premium Economy cabin is meant to be a stand-alone product offering amenities and fares between business class and economy class. Nonetheless, the essential conveniences are the same in both types of seating. You should expect to pay up to 85% more for a Premium Economy seat than you would for a regular Economy, but in exchange, you will have access to more services, more space to stretch out, and larger seats.

Updated on: 15-Dec-2022

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