Difference between Business Class and Premium Economy

Airlines is making it easier for their customers to take advantage of premium services like better food, additional facilities, and higher comfort levels by offering premium economy and business class seating choices. Once a customer has flown business class for the first time, it's hard for them to return to the cheaper economy class option, even though the extra money is well spent. Although the differences between business class and the premium economy will be explained in further detail below, most passengers do not know the difference exists.

What is Business Class?

This tier of service, which was first introduced in the 1970s, lies between economy and first class. Comparatively better seats, entertainment, food, drinks, and ground service set a business class apart from economy class.

Business Class is distinguished by the following features −

  • Reclining seats, angled lie-flat seats, completely flat seats, and cabin seats are just some of the many options for extra-comfortable sitting with plenty of legroom.

  • Offering a wide variety of high-end dishes and wines of the same caliber

  • There are better forms of onboard entertainment than ever.

  • Check-in with priority

  • Dedicated quarters or rooms

  • Extra luggage allowed

Some airlines go above and above by offering free shuttle service to and from the airport within a certain distance, while others provide a comfortable lounge with free snacks and drinks for their customers.

What is Premium Economy?

EVA Air was the first airline to provide this type of seating in the early 1990s, and other airlines have since followed suit. For several reasons, including accessibility, affordability, and convenience, its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

Premium Economy provides the following facilities −

  • Ticket prices are reduced by 65% compared to those in business class.

  • It provides an additional five to seven inches of legroom, greater reclining room, and broader seats.

  • Amusement provided while on flight

  • a different and more engaging selection of meal options

  • Check-in with priority access

The particular perks that premium economy customers enjoy compared to those in economy class will differ per airline.

Differences − Business Class and Premium Economy

Both these option "Business Class" and "Premium Economy" are more luxurious than the economy section, however there are some striking differences between the two, which we have highlighted in the following table −

Characteristics Business Class Premium Economy
Pricing Compared to premium economy, business class is about 65% more expensive. Compared to business class, the cost of a premium economy ticket is approximately 65% lower.
Seating There are a variety of seating options for business class passengers, including recliner chairs, lie-flat seats at an angle, fully flat seats, and cabin seats.

Business class travelers also benefit from wider seats, and more legroom.

There's an extra five to seven inches of legroom in premium economy, plus more reclining space and wider seats.
Service Extra premium food options, including better wines, are available to business class customers, as well as more legroom, priority boarding, private cabins, and a superior in-flight entertainment system. Premium economy customers get access to a wider variety of in-flight entertainment options, gourmet meals, and expedited boarding.
Aim The business-class cabin provides the highest level of comfort and service. In the premium economy section, you may expect a higher standard of comfort.


Business class refers to the intermediate level of service between economy and first. There are more luxurious features such as reclining seats, angled lie-flat seats, completely flat seats, and cabin seats, but the price tag is higher.

As opposed to standard economy, premium economy provides a level of service between that of coach and business class. It offers premium services, including in-flight entertainment, a wider variety of delicious food options, and expedited check-in, all of which contribute to a higher standard of passenger satisfaction.

Updated on: 06-Dec-2022

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