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Simply Easy Learning

Ridhi Arora

Teaching & Academics, Math, Algebra

    • Determinants
      2 Lectures
    • Determinant of a Given Order
      3 Lectures
    • Problems on Determinants
      6 Lectures
    • Minors and Cofactors
      5 Lectures
    • Properties of Determinant
      12 Lectures
    • Miscellaneous Problems on Determinants
      5 Lectures
    • Area of Triangle
      4 Lectures
    • Adjoint Of Matrix
      6 Lectures
    • Inverse of a Matrix
      5 Lectures
    • Application of Determinants and Matrices
      6 Lectures
    • IIT JEE Exam Questions
      11 Lectures
  • Description

    Determinants occur throughout mathematics. For example, a matrix is often used to represent the coefficients in a system of linear equations, and the determinant can be used to solve those equations.They are also used to define the characteristic polynomial of a matrix and a compact notation for expressions that would otherwise be unwieldy to write down.Due to the widespread use of determinants,we take up this video series which is based on Determinants for class 12 students for board level and IIT JEE Mains.


    These video classes have been designed for Class 12 students (Non-medical students and commerce students with Mathematics), those who are preparing for CBSE and other Board Exams for Intermediate, +2 and IIT JEE entrance exams. These classes will also be helpful for students in preparing them for Competitive Examinations for Engineering Institutes like IIT JEE etc.

This Course Includes :

6.5 hours

65 Lectures

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