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PowerMill - Provides advanced CNC Programming

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   Published on 03/2021



What is PowerMill?

PowerMill provides comprehensive milling strategies for high-speed and 5-axis machining, providing you with the tools you need for manufacturing molds, dies, and highly complex parts. In this class, we will take a look at using PowerMill to program a variety of different milling parts. While this class is meant to familiarize you with the details of programming parts in PowerMill, the main objective of this class is to teach you the workflow of programming parts in PowerMill. Focusing on the workflow as opposed to specific tools and details in the software will ensure the smoothest possible transition between programming parts in this class, and confidently taking what you've learned into your shop.

Power MILL Class schedule is as follows:

1. Getting Started

2. Machining Setup

3. Area Clearance

4. Finish Machining Strategies

5. Leads and Links

6. Boundaries

7. Levels and Sets

8. Editing Toolpaths

9. 2D (Feature Set) Machining

10. Collision Checking

11. Patterns

12. Wireframe Modeller

13. NC Programs

14. Setup Sheets

15. Customizing PowerMILL

16. Specialist Finishing (PRO)

17. Component Thickness (PRO)

18. Stock Models (PRO)

19. CAD to CAM

What Will I Get ?

  • Lathe ,Milling and Multi Axis Programming Solution
  • Toolpath Generation & Verification Programming
  • Generate Machining Code (G - Code and M - code)
  • Learn how to Work in 4 axis and 5 axis
  • Easy to study


  • Basic knowledge of engineering drawings
  • Basic knowledge of G-Code and M-Code
  • Basic Knowledge of CNC Programming
  • Knowledge of Manufacturing Process and Their Related Machine
  • Install Master Autodesk PowerMill
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