Data Science: Deep Learning Project for Self Driving Cars

person icon Priya Jha

Data Science: Deep Learning Project for Self Driving Cars

Hands-on Traffic Sign Image Classification for Self-Driving Cars using Deep Learning (Convolutional Neural Network)

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon Priya Jha

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Lectures -6

Duration -47 mins


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Course Description

This is a Hands-on Project. You learn by Practice.

No unnecessary lectures. No unnecessary details.

A precise, to the point and efficient course made for those who want to learn the most important part of Data Science : Importing Datasets, Building Models using the Datasets and Training and Testing the Models. Everything else revolves around this.

Although, for the sake of this project we will using traffic signs for autonomous vehicles to learn about Deep Learning and Data Science. The same process can be repeated for other projects too. The same process and techniques can be repeated for other Deep learning projects. Some such projects that you can build following similar process are:

  • Self Driving Cars (This project)

  • Skin Cancer Detection

  • Currency Detection

  • Human Facial Recognition

You will learn more in this one hour of Practice that hundreds of hours of unnecessary theoretical lectures.

Data Science is the hottest job of the 21st century.  You need good programming skills and analytical skills and years of hard work to be a Pro in Data science. This one hour course is precise , to the point and efficient . It has no unnecessary details. This is the only course you need .We understand our students are Professionals and have limited time and limited attention span. Taking a few months course and forgetting everything along the way is not a efficient way to lean. We learn by practice.

Learn the most important aspect of Data Science :

  • Importing  and working with Datasets

  • Building a Deep Convolutional Network Model using Keras

  • Compile, train, test and analyze the model

We will build a Traffic Sign Classifier using Keras. In this hands-on project, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Task 1: Project Overview

  • Task 2: Introduction to Google Colab and Importing Libraries

  • Task 3: Importing and Exploring Dataset

  • Task 4: Image Pre-Processing

    •      Converting image to grayscale

    •      Applying histogram equalization technique

    •      Normalization

  • Task 5: Build a deep convolutional network model using Keras

  • Task 6: Compile and train the model

  • Task 7: Testing model with the test dataset & assess the performance of trained Convolutional Neural Network model

  • Task 8: Saving the trained model

We’ll be carrying out our entire project in Google Colab environment. That's why pre-installation of libraries and dependencies are not required.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Introduction to the Google Colab and Importing necessary Libraries

  • Cloning , Exploring and Visualize Datasets

  • Image pre-processing that includes Grayscale conversion , Applying Histogram Equalization Technique and Image Normalization

  • Building Convolutional Neural Networks with Keras

  • Compile and Train a Deep Learning Model that can identify between 43 different Traffic Signs

  • Test model with the test dataset & oversee the performance of trained convolution neural network model


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic Python Programming

  • Basics of Neural Network

Data Science: Deep Learning Project for Self Driving Cars


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Project Overview 03:42 03:42
Introduction To Project Platform
1 Lectures
Cloning Traffic Sign Dataset
1 Lectures
Image Pre-Processing
1 Lectures
Build, Compile and Train a Deep Learning Model
1 Lectures
Testing and Analyzing The Performance of the Model
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Priya Jha

Priya Jha

Creative Learning Solutions for the Digital Age

Hi, I am Priya Jha. I am an online instructor and a Computer Engineer. I have a community of over 40,000+ students and 60,000+ enrollments on my courses from across 166 different countries worldwide. We offer courses on Data Science (AI/ML, BigData, Data Visualization & Analysis), Android Development, Web Development, and Graphics Design. I have an academic background in Computer Science and Engineering. I love solving real-life problems using technology and my courses also rely on the same concept.

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