Learn Cyber Security from Scratch: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners

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Learn Cyber Security from Scratch: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners

Learn about Cybersecurity, from the basics of computer networking to advanced concepts like cryptography and incident management.

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Lectures -61

Duration -5.5 hours


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Course Description

The IT industry is booming daily, and the realm of technology is expanding dramatically. The need for security is growing in light of the industry's expansion and the public's concern over privacy. For many firms, dealing with cybersecurity has become a daily challenge.

Recent trends and statistics show that there has been a significant surge in data breaches and hacks at businesses via extremely common sources. So enroll in this course to learn more about cyber security.

Learn Cyber Security from Scratch Overview

It is a common belief that Cyber Security means hacking. While hacking is a component of cyber security, it is not synonymous with cyber security. Many courses teach simply how to use the tool, but not why it was chosen.

Additionally, although hacking is not the sole area of cyber security, it is the major emphasis of these courses. Incident Response Management, Blue teams, security audits, IT security management, security regulations, and many more are additional important fields.

Hackers attack on average 2,244 times every day in the United States, according to the University of Maryland. This occurs every 39 seconds. Unauthorized users can access your devices if you are not careful.

Are you certain that these hackers won't have access to your data? Have you ever set up your network so that you can manage your privacy? Well, don’t worry because we are here to provide answers. You undoubtedly have a lot of questions about this course.

Why Learn Cyber Security?

We live in a digital age. Our professional, personal, and financial lives have all begun to gravitate into the world of the internet, mobile computers, and electronic media. Unfortunately, this ubiquitous tendency renders us more exposed than ever to harmful assaults, invasions of privacy, fraud, and other terrifying scenarios.

This is why cyber security is an important component of a safe and well-organized digital environment. Cybersecurity protects us from hackers, fraudsters, and other fraud agents. 

These are not just facts but they are warnings!

Why Enroll in this Course?

The curriculum of this Course speaks for itself. This course has covered everything from computer foundations through networking to sophisticated concepts like cryptography, security audits, and incident management.

It covers the definition of a computer network, the fundamentals of networking, various protocols, and how they are used, IP addresses, their classes, as well as many other vital aspects of cyber security.

The course will help you develop the critical thinking needed to pursue a career in cybersecurity. You will also get to know about organizations and resources that provide assistance and framework in this field.

Who Can Enroll in this Course?

Anyone who wants to learn about cybersecurity can enroll in this course. If you already know a few concepts, you can always revisit the ideas and clarify them. We have covered statistics along with technical topics. In short, this is a perfect course for you if you want to kick-start your career in cyber security.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Become an expert in Computer Networking.

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity will help students to dive into this field and Different Types of Attacks and world-famous cyber attack examples.

  • Entire networking related to Cyber Security and Terminologies - Threat, Vulnerability, Incident, Management, Attacks, Exploits, Events.

  • Build a career in cybersecurity.

  • Roles in Cybersecurity - CISO, CISM, CISA, Penetration Tester, Incident Response Teams.

  • Fundamentals of Cryptography.

  • Learn about different cybersecurity organizations - NIST, NSA, SANS Institute, OWASP, and CISCO.

  • A brief overview of malware and its types.

  • Overview of Security Audits and Frameworks.

  • Self-evaluation through quizzes.

  • Explore various aspects of Cybersecurity.

  • Understand how cryptography works in real life.

  • Real-life examples such as firewalls, antivirus, and cyber-attacks are also discussed, and much more.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • The will to learn Cyber Security.

  • Basic understanding of the English language.

  • Basic knowledge of Computers.

Learn Cyber Security from Scratch: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

24 Lectures
  • play icon What is Computer Networking - Definition and Characteristics 02:49 02:49
  • play icon Network Topologies 06:09 06:09
  • play icon History and Applications of Computer Networking 05:51 05:51
  • play icon Protocols and Standards 04:21 04:21
  • play icon Introduction to OSI Model 03:49 03:49
  • play icon Layers of OSI Model 07:23 07:23
  • play icon Introduction to TCP/IP Model 09:50 09:50
  • play icon OSI Model vs TCP/IP Model 04:13 04:13
  • play icon Addressing in Computer Networks 08:30 08:30
  • play icon IP Address- IPv4 and IPv6 06:39 06:39
  • play icon Finding your own IP Address 03:23 03:23
  • play icon Finding your own MAC Address 04:53 04:53
  • play icon The Internet Protocol 06:30 06:30
  • play icon Finding Target Domain's IP Address 03:06 03:06
  • play icon Address Resolution Protocol 08:47 08:47
  • play icon Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 07:48 07:48
  • play icon Internet Control Message Protocol 06:16 06:16
  • play icon Routing Protocols 05:32 05:32
  • play icon How to use Tracert Command? 02:41 02:41
  • play icon Introduction to Sockets 05:06 05:06
  • play icon File Transfer Protocol 03:17 03:17
  • play icon Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 04:17 04:17
  • play icon Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL 05:22 05:22
  • play icon Domain Name System 03:05 03:05
4 Lectures
7 Lectures
8 Lectures
9 Lectures
8 Lectures

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SecuritasX IT Trainings

SecuritasX IT Trainings

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