Cyber Security Basics and Skills

Cyber Security

Course Description

Data, device, and information security is becoming more and more important these days, not only for organizations but also for individuals who need to protect against any cyber-related attacks on their data.

The course, Cyber Security focuses on learning the skills and very simple (and also complex) tips that immediately help you in protecting your personal, sensitive, and private information, data, and devices from cyber-related attacks or other forms of attacks on your personal data or organization.

Understanding these skills and tips does not require great expertise skills except in complex situations where you can simply use the expertise of the professional, so you can start immediately with ideas learned in this course.

The course is applicable to people on all levels.

Course Modules / Structure

The Course is divided into 4 Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to CyberSecurity
  • Module 2: Personal and Organizational Data and Vulnerability
  • Module 3: The Cyber Security Framework
  • Module 4: Dealing with Cyber Attacks - Tips

CASE STUDY – Using a Fictional Person/Name like Dominic

- Dominic works at a start-up company where they are currently facing some cyber-related attacks on a daily basis

- Dominic also notices that his personal data in his company laptop may be endangered

- Dominic also realizes that the company is slow to respond to these attacks and he would like to take some personal steps/actions himself to help both his personal data and company information

- Dominic will also want to apply these cyber-attack-preventive skills on his own laptop


- In case above, what do you think Dominic should consider doing?

NOTE: Your Review is Highly Valued

We value your feedback, please leave us a review after finishing the course, it will always be appreciated for future improvements.


  • Definitions of Cyber Security

  • Importance and Applications of Cyber Security

  • Types of Cyber Attacks

  • Personal and Organizational Data and Vulnerability

  • Vulnerabilities, Malwares and Ransomware

  • The Cyber Security Framework – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover

  • Tips Dealing with Cyber Attacks - Data and Devices, Wireless Network, Ransomware, Phishing, Spoofing etc.


  • Making out time to put the course skills into practice
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Cyber Security Basics and Skills
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