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Create custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda function

Created by Nilay Mehta, Last Updated 09-Oct-2020, Language:English

Create custom Alexa skill using AWS Lambda function

Learn to create Skill for Alexa enabled devices such as Amazon Echo for absolute beginners

Created by Nilay Mehta, Last Updated 09-Oct-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Use Alexa Skill Console to create skills
  • Publish your skills to store
  • Use Alexa Core SDK for performing operations
  • Create lambda function for custom skills


  • Basic knowledge of what is Chatbots
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Amazon’s Developer Account
  • AWS Account


AI is Artificial intelligence, Study of intelligent agents and takes actions. Skills are an ability to perform an operation on devices enabled with Amazon Alexa like Echo.
Throughout this series, I am going to teach you How to create your own custom Alexa skill using Alexa skill console, Alexa SDK, and use AWS Lambda function for this.
This course includes 5 Core components for creating your own custom Skills.

  • Alexa is a virtual assistant by Amazon. It contains some skill using which user can do various things such as ask for service etc.
  • Alexa skill Kit provides a user interface to for Build, Measure, and Test skill which is known as Skill kit.
  • AWS Lambda function is backbone on your skill. Alexa skill will send a request to our lambda function and it will perform the original operation.
  • Alexa Skill SDK used to create handlers that will generate a response to our skill in form of JSON. So we just need to call those function only. We will use both Alexa SDK and Alexa Core SDK.
  • ASK CLI is a command line tool which allows us to create skill as well as deploy, clone too.

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