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Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowToon

Created by Mary Ingrassia, Last Updated 03-Jan-2021, Language:English

Create Animated Explainer Videos with PowToon

Learn how to use PowToon to Produce Explainer Videos that highlight your topic, brand, product, or ideas

Created by Mary Ingrassia, Last Updated 03-Jan-2021, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to use PowToon to create Explainer Videos
  • Understand Good Design Practices when creating Animations
  • Promote or Explain your Business, Product, Service or Topic in a more engaging way
  • Find out about GREAT royalty free resources that can help bring your project to life!


  • PC or Mac
  • Firefox or Chrome browser
  • Internet Connection
  • A Free or Paid Subscription to PowToon


If you are looking to start creating your OWN Animated Explainer Videos, rather than paying someone else to do it, you’ve come to the right place! Explainer videos are proven to engage audiences and increase retention. These videos are great for business commercials, startup advertisements, presentations, and even lessons for students created by teachers.

You can have little to no video production or animation knowledge to get started!  

The goal is to learn the basics of how to use PowToon, advanced techniques within the program, find out about valuable royalty free resources, and finally to approach the designing of explainer animations with a more artistic eye.

I have over 7 years of experience working as a freelance video producer & designer, and am also a Certified PowToon Ambassador. I hope my experience, knowledge and advice can help you create explainer videos that inform & captivate your audience’s attention!

Course Content

Mary Ingrassia

Video Producer & Graphic Designer

I have a B.F.A in Computer Graphics, and have been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer & Video Producer for over 7 years. I am a Top Rated Super Seller on Fiverr & a Certified Ambassador for both Fiverr & PowToon. I've have created thousands of Whiteboard & Explainer animations. I am passionate about being creative, and I hope to pass on my experience & knowledge to you!