Create a Business Plan: From A to Z

Turn Your Business Idea into A Business Reality

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This is Business Plan Writing in a Nutshell

In this course we will cover every aspect of creating a business plan from start to finish. From Executive Statements, Business Overview, Market Research, Business Development, Business Model Design and Financial Forecasts we will walk through the process together with templates and examples so you can create your very own business plan alongside this course and set your entrepreneur spirit free.

The stages of this training cover:

How to Create a World-Class Executive Summary for your Business Plan

Compare and Contrast the Details Required in the Business Overview Section of Your Business Plan

Select the right Business Details to showcase your idea in Your Business Plan

  • How to Decide on The Products and Services for your Business

  • Creating the long-term aim of the business

  • Setting your strategic Objectives for the business

  • How to complete a PESTLE Analysis on your Business Idea

  • The right way to showcase the Owners Skills, Backgrounds and what makes them the ideal entrepreneur

How to Select Your Target Market for Your Business Plan

  • Decide who are your businesses customers

  • Describe a day in their life

  • Estimated Customer locations and business factors

  • Define what prompts a customer to buy from your business

Create in-depth and detailed Market Research for Your Business Plan

  • How to conduct Desk Research on your Business

  • How to conduct field research on your Business

  • How to visualize and present the findings for your Business

How to create a Marketing Strategy for Your Business Plan

  • Selecting the right means of marketing

  • Critically analysing each possible method

  • Estimating marketing costs

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Competitor Analysis For Your Business Plan

  • Complete a SWOT assessment and understand unique selling points of your Business

Understanding Operations and Logistics For Your Business Plan

  • Defining your Businesses Services

  • Establishing hours of Business Operations

  • Creating a list of suppliers for your Business

  • Selecting appropriate Premises for the Business

  • Defining Equipment Needs and Costs for your Business

  • Defining the transportation requirements for your Business

  • Defining the legal requirements of the Business

  • Defining the Insurance Requirements of the Business

  • Creating the Proposed Management Structure of the Business

How to Compete for a Costs and Pricing Strategy for Your Business Plan

How to Create Financial Forecasts for Your Business Plan

  • Business Sales and Costs Forecasts

  • Personal Survival Budget for your business

  • Costs Table for your business

Understanding your Businesses Funding Requirements

All wrapped up in a visually appealing plan that sells your vision and your entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Summarise and Articulate Your Business Idea in a way that gets people's attention

  • Perform a Critical Analysis of Your Business Idea

  • Understand Your Target Market and what drives them

  • Conduct Desk and Field Research to understand your market

  • Create a tailored marketing strategy for your business idea

  • Understand the Operations and Logistics of your proposed business

  • Create a Cost and Pricing Strategy

  • Create Financial Forecasts

  • Quantify your funding requirements

  • Formulate all of the information gathered into a world-class business plan


  • You should have the desire to understand what it takes to create a world-class business idea. If you have an idea you want to formulate into a plan even better as we can walk through the stages together

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  • Core Elements to a Successful Business Plan
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Create a Business Plan: From A to Z
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