CracksStreams Alternatives

What is CracksStreams?

CracksStreams is a free website which can be used by sports fans to stream different types of sports. The website gives access to different sports channels belonging to different countries. The website is divided into different categories and like football, cricket, soccer, hockey, and many more. It can be said that almost all sports can be found under one roof.

Cost of CracksStreams

CracksStreams is available for free and you can watch live matches free of cost.

Why CracksStreams Alternatives?

CracksStreams has many disadvantages and people who are not satisfied with this website look for alternatives. Some of the disadvantages are as follows −

  • Lots of ads

  • Stream quality differs

  • Buffering occurs while streaming

  • The website leads to illegal links

  • Customer support not available

How to choose a CracksStreams Alternative?

Here are some of the advantages of using the CracksStreams website −

  • Live streams available for sports events organized all around the world

  • Compatible with different devices

  • Customer support available

Top 10 CracksStreams Alternatives

CracksStreams has many alternatives which have more features comparatively. We will discuss some of these alternatives.

Alternative 1 – Fotyval

Fotyval is a website where users can stream different kinds of sports. Stream quality is good because torrent streaming technology is used to run the website. A stable and fast internet connection is needed for proper streaming. Rapid Video offers Fotyval service with the help of 3,000 servers. The decent user interface of the website helps you to easily browse the sports of your choice. Currently, the website is available in the following countries −

  • Brazil

  • Germany

  • Indonesia

  • Netherlands

  • United Kingdom

  • France

  • Spain

  • United States


  • Available in 15 languages

  • Stream quality is great

  • Uses torrent streaming technology

  • Useful user interface

Alternative 2 – SportsSurge

SportsSurge is a live-streaming website where free streaming of the following is available −

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • MMA

  • Boxing

You just need to navigate to the website and choose the game you want to stream. SportsSurge is the first website that also has a mobile version. SportsSurge provides statistics related to different sports. It also has profiles of different players related to various sports. Users can watch all the sports events for free through this website.


  • Watch any sport for free

  • Profiles of different players available

  • Real-time statistics of all sports is available

Alternative 3 – is a free website which you can visit to stream different sports of your choice. There are numerous games that you can stream and some of them are football, boxing UFC, motorsports, and many more. Users can also list their favorite sports at one place so that there is no need to search. The website is free to use and users do not have to register to watch their favorite games.


  • Live visuals

  • Sports can be streamed from paid sources

  • Digital piracy

  • Many sports can be streamed

Alternative 4 – SportsStream

Sports Stream is another alternative to CracksStreams. The website provides a huge number of sports to its users. The user interface of the website lists channels and sports that can be streamed in the near future. Streaming times are also mentioned regarding the sports. The sports that users of this website can stream are cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and many more.


  • A huge number of sports available to stream

  • Timetable of various sports available

  • Streaming time can be found on the user interface

Alternative 5 – Batman Stream

Batman Stream is a website that allows its users to stream different types of sports for free. Users of Batman Stream website can watch live sports online. Some sports like hockey are available here and cannot be found on CracksStreams. A search bar is available to search the game of your choice. A navigation bar is also available for browsing sports. The website also provides the feature of time zone to know the timing of a sport in a particular country.


  • Navigation bar available to browse sports

  • The website is free to use

  • Search bar is available to search the sports

Alternative 6 – CricHD

CricHD has an easy-to-use interface and users can stream games like football, tennis, cricket, golf, and many other events. The user interface is well-organized so it is easy to find the sports of your choice. You can get information regarding any sport like scores, teams, statistics, and other information. CricHD also has many video games which you can enjoy for free. You will not face the problem of buffering as the website has thousands of servers.


  • Stream any sports event free of cost

  • No buffering because of thousands of servers

  • Get information like scores, teams, and others

Alternative 7 – LiveTV

If you love to watch college football, LiveTV is for you. LiveTV is a popular streaming service where you can explore a wide variety of sports. You just need to click the sport that you want to stream and links will be available to you. A free Flash player is also available so you can watch all the games easily on your electronic device. The website supports multiple languages.


  • Multilingual website

  • Forum available to share opinions

  • Popular free streaming service

Alternative 8 – First Row Sports

First Row Sports consists of a large database of sports links. You can watch the videos in HD or HQ quality depending on the speed of your internet connection. You need to create an account to enjoy the sports of your choice. The user interface of the website can be used easily. This will help your ion finding the sports of your choice.


  • Account is needed to stream sports

  • Video quality can be HD or HQ

  • Database consists of a huge number of links

Alternative 9 – YouTubeTV

YouTubeTV is another alternative to CracksStreams which allows its users to stream different channels. Besides sports, you can also watch news, CW, PBS, and more channels. This is a paid service and you have to pay $64.99 per month in the United States to enjoy watching sports. You also need to sign up through a Google Account to watch sports and other entertainment stuff on the website.


  • Stream different channels

  • Provides a trial period of one month

  • An account has to be created to watch sports

Alternative 10 – VIPLeague

VIPLeague is a free streaming platform where you can stream sports like football, basketball, cricket, rugby, and many more. The website provides an excellent streaming quality. Sports are divided into various categories on the user interface. There are some channels on the website for which VPN may be needed.


  • No registration required

  • Free website for streaming

  • Watch different kinds of sports


CracksStreams is a free streaming website which you can use to stream different types of sports. The website has many links which you have to click for streaming. It has annoying ads and buffering also occurs while streaming. Users who are not satisfied with its service can go for different alternatives like YouTubeTV, Sports Surge, and many more.

Updated on: 04-May-2023


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