Consider this data collected from a survey of a colony.
Favourite SportCricketBasket BallSwimmingHockeyAthletics

$(i)$. Draw a double bar graph choosing an appropriate scale.
What do you infer from the bar graph?
$(ii)$. Which sport is most popular?
$(iii)$. Which is more preferred

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 7


Survey of a colony.

To do:

We have to answer the given questions using the given data.


(i) The bar graph of the given data is as follows:

(ii) From the given data and the bar graph plotted we get to know that number of people watching and participating in cricket is the highest. So, Cricket is the most popular sport.

(iii) From the given data we also get to know that people prefer watching than participating in their favorite sports.

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