Conservation of Plants and Animals

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Conservation of Plants and Animals

Conservation of Plants and Animals

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Course Description

- Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees from land and using that land for other purposes.

- Causes of Deforestation are man-made as well as natural.

- Deforestation is causing immense damage in the form of increase in temperature, droughts, floods, desertification,  loss of habitat of animals and plants, etc.

- We must conserve forests as they provide home to nearly half of all species found on earth. Forests preserve biodiversity and reduce air pollution by filtering the air.

- The forests can be conserved by controlling forests fires and  planting more trees. We should spray chemicals & antibiotics to protect forests from pests and diseases.

-  Wildlife conservation is important as it protects biodiversity, promotes tourism and  provides jobs to lacs of people etc.

- We can conserve wildlife by putting an end to unauthorized cutting of forest trees, moving towards a plant-based diet, by establishing more number of national parks and sanctuaries etc.

- Each plant and animal has its own role to play in the ecosystem. All the species of plants and animals form part of food chains and food webs.  If we go on cutting trees and and do not take necessary steps to conserve forests and wildlife, the day is not far when human race would also be in great danger.

Who this course is for:

  • The students who are interested in Conservation of Plants and Animals


What will you learn in this course:

  • What is the meaning of Deforestation?
  • What are the causes and consequences of Deforestation?
  • Why should we protect wildlife and forests?
  • How can we conserve forests and wildlife?
  • What is the meaning of Endangered Species, Endemic Species and Extinct Species?


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Nill
Conservation of Plants and Animals


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Conservation of Plants and Animals
7 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:46 01:46
  • play icon Meaning, Causes and Consequences of Deforestation 09:43 09:43
  • play icon Conservation of Forests and wildlife - Why and How 12:12 12:12
  • play icon Flora, Fauna, Wildlife Sanctuary, Endemic Species, National Park etc. 08:49 08:49
  • play icon Red Data Book, Migration of Birds, Endangered Species, Reforestation etc. 14:08 14:08
  • play icon NCERT Questions 1 to 3 15:13 15:13
  • play icon NCERT Questions 4 to 11 23:10 23:10

Instructor Details

Prabh Kirpa Classes

Prabh Kirpa Classes

This channel is purely education based. Our aim is to ensure that the students are able to understand each and every question in an easy way.  We take pride in providing quality educational services to the students of Class VII to Class XI  Science NCERT, English, Computer Solutions, Mathematics & Business Studies.  Our goal is to help the leaders of tomorrow to learn to succeed today.

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