Computer Vision & Image Processing Web App Developed using Python, Flask, Machine Learning and Deployed in Cloud

Develop and Deploy Machine Learning based Flask Web App and Deploy in Python Anywhere Cloud Platform using Python, Skimage, Sklearn

  Srikanth Guskra

   Development, Data Science and AI ML, Machine Learning

Language - English Published on 07/2021

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Welcome to "Deploy End to End Machine Learning-based Image Classification Web App in Cloud Platform from scratch !!!"

Image Processing & classification is one of the areas of Data Science and has a wide variety of applications in the industries in the current world. Many industries looking for a Data Scientist with these skills. This course covers modeling techniques for data preprocessing, model building, evaluation, tuning, and production

We start the course by learning Scikit Image for image processing which is the essential skill required and then we will do the necessary preprocessing techniques & feature extraction to an image like HOG.

After that, we will start building the project. In this course you will learn how to label the images, image data preprocessing, and analyze using scikit image and python. 

Then we will train machine learning here we will see a Stochastic Gradient Descent classifier for image classification and followed by a model evaluation process and pipeline of the machine learning model.

After that we will create web app in Flask by rendering HTML, CSS, Boostrap. Then, we finally deploy the web app in Python Anywhere which is a cloud platform.

We know that the Image Classification Flask Web App is one of those topics that always leaves some doubts. Feel free to ask the question in Q&A, we are happy to answer you question.

I am super excited and see you in the course !!!

What Will I Get ?

  • Develop & Deploy Machine Learning Web App in Flask
  • Deploy Flask in Python Anywhere
  • Image Processing with SKIMAGE
  • Feature Extraction with HOG
  • Multiple Image Classification
  • SGD Classifier
  • Hyper parameter tuning with Pipeline Model
  • Basestimator and Transformermixin
  • Flask
  • cloud deployement
  • Python Anywhere cloud
  • Shell Scripting


  • Basic Python Programming
  • Understanding HTML, CSS, JS
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    Hritwik Shukla

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