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Complete Python Scripting for Automation

Created by Narendra P, Last Updated 11-Sep-2020, Language:English

Complete Python Scripting for Automation

Automate the Repetitive Tasks with Python | Python Scripting for Automation | Automation with Python | Python Automation

Created by Narendra P, Last Updated 11-Sep-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Python scripting from scratch for Automation
  • Students will learn: Core Python and Advanced Python with real-time practice
  • This is Python3.x course


  • Personal computer with Winodows OS or Linux OS or any other OS
  • Any prior working knowledge of programming language would help, however it is not at all necessary.


Welcome to the Complete Python Scripting for Automation.

This course will take you from beginner to expert in Python, easily and smartly.This course will dive right into Python and get you productive from the very beginning.

Why Learn Python?

Over the last few years, Python has become more and more popular.Demand for Python is booming in the job market and it is a skill that can help you enter some of the most exciting industries, including data science, AI,web applications, Server side Automation, home automation and many more.

Python is one of the "most loved” and “most wanted” programming languages according to recent industry surveys. If people are not using Python already, they want to start using Python.

This course will make it easy for you to learn Python and currently we are looking more on server side automation, but later we will also update this course for GUI and Web Applications Dev elopement.

Who is This Course For?

  • Beginners who have never programmed before.

  • who want to learn python from scratch to Advanced level

Who this course is for:

  • Automation Engineers with Python scripting

Course Content

Narendra P

I am an IT Professional with 7+ years of experience in different Domains. Very much interested in learning new technologies and teaching. I believe that the best way to learn by doing it in a fun way.  I have good practical knowledge of automation with different Scripting languages like Shell Scripting, Python Scripting, and YAML Scripting. My Online classes focus on providing high-quality documentation with practical knowledge. Hands-on experience in learning new technology that makes learning really interesting.