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Complete Instagram Marketing Course.

Created by Logistics And Supply Chain World., Last Updated 06-Sep-2020, Language:English

Complete Instagram Marketing Course.

Build a Unique Brand, Build Follower base , Convert Followers to Paying Customers & Much More !!

Created by Logistics And Supply Chain World., Last Updated 06-Sep-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Students will Learn how to use Instagram for Marketing.
  • Students will gain more Confidence in Instagram Marketing in the coming days.
  • Fear of Failure in Instagram will fade away by the end of the course
  • Find Your Competitors on Instagram and Reverse Engineer Them
  • Curate Top Notch Content and Mix in Your Reverse Engineered Content
  • Adopt a Content-First Sales Funnel
  • Use Facebook's Ad Re targeting System to Pull Instagram Users Deeper Into Your Funnel
  • Pay and Interact with Niche-Specific Instagram Influencers
  • Continuously Optimize All Parts of Your Funnel
  • Best Practices for Instagram


  • Basic Knowledge of Instagram , Good Internet Connection, PC and more importantly Willingness to Learn and succeed.


About Instagram:

500 million Instagram app users access Instagram every single day.

It's easy to get excited about Instagram's reach, user consumption patterns, and overall traffic volume. But, most of the people who try marketing on Instagram fail to get the results they are looking for.

Following tips from this video course you can turbocharge your results with Instagram.

You are leaving a lot of money on the table if you skip Instagram. Today Instagram can be used to build a brand for example many Multinational Companies ranging from marketing companies, Logistics & Supply Chain Companies, Product based Companies and many more companies in their domains are using Instagram to build a Brand Image and trying to market themselves.

Not only Multinational Companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, small company owners, Marketers are using Instagram.

In this lesson we will teach you:

  1. The best methods to Market on Instagram

  2. How to build a persona on Instagram

  3. How to build you own brand on Instagram

  4. How to use Facebook’s Ad Re targeting System to Pull Instagram Users Deeper into Your Funnel.

  5. Best Practices of Instagram

Happy Learning,

Logistics & Supply Chain World.

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Logistics And Supply Chain World.

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We are from LOGISTICS & Supply Chain World. Our aim is to teach Students Excel, Supply Chain Concepts , Logistics Concepts , Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Data Science Concepts and other areas as well. These Courses will equip students with knowledge and skills to face the Real World.

Our Aim is  to Equip Students with best skills trending in the market.

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