Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex)

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Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex)

Learn to build large applications with Vue.js, Vuex, and Vue router with this zero to hero course

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Course Description

This course is for developers who want to move fast. We cover the traditional way of building Vue apps-the Options API-as well as the new Composition API and even see how you can mix and match them together.

There are 8 modules in this course; 4 introduce fundamental skills (Options API, Composition API, Vuex, and Vue Router). The remaining four modules are projects so that you can see how to apply the fundamental skills in real apps.

After learning both Options and Composition API, we will see how to use them both with Vuex and Vue Router and talk about the different use-cases and trade-offs to consider.

Finally, as we progress through, our focus starts to shift from not only how to build apps with Vue but also to thinking about how we architect things, how components should communicate, where data should be saved (also known as state management), and how it flows through the app.

After covering Vue, we will look at Vuex, Vue’s state management solution, and Vue Router, for front-end routing. The course culminates with a capstone project, using the three core Vue libraries (Vue, Vuex, Vue Router) to build an application.

By the end of this course, you will gain a solid foundation in coding with Vue.js and apply these skills in your future projects.

All code files and resources are available here: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Complete-Vue.js-3-Inc.-Composition-API-Vue-Router-Vuex-


This course is suitable for beginner- or intermediate-level web developers. Developers looking to try out new Vue.js 3 features can also opt for this course.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Build applications using Vue.js
  • Create reusable components
  • Use Vue router for front-end routing
  • Design patterns
  • Understand Options and Composition API


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic knowledge of web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS) and terminal proficiency is required.
Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Course Introduction
14 Lectures
  • play icon Course Introduction 02:57 02:57
  • play icon Setting Up 03:07 03:07
  • play icon Your First Vue.js App 03:17 03:17
  • play icon Adding a Template Property 02:19 02:19
  • play icon User Interactions with Methods 03:42 03:42
  • play icon Control Flow with v-if and v-else 03:06 03:06
  • play icon Loops with v-for 02:53 02:53
  • play icon Computed Properties 02:41 02:41
  • play icon Class Bindings 04:22 04:22
  • play icon Input Validation 07:14 07:14
  • play icon The Amazing v-model 03:42 03:42
  • play icon Your First Component 02:18 02:18
  • play icon Component Props 05:45 05:45
  • play icon Child-Parent Communication with Events 06:42 06:42
Project 1: User Sign-up Form with Validation
8 Lectures
Project 2: Pokémon Evolutions
10 Lectures
Composition Fundamentals
9 Lectures
Project 3: Composing a Microblog
10 Lectures
Vue Router Fundamentals
10 Lectures
Vuex Fundamentals
10 Lectures
Project 4: Capstone Project
13 Lectures

Instructor Details

Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing

Founded in 2004 in Birmingham, UK, Packt's mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways, through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals.

Working towards that vision, we have published over 6,500 books and videos so far, providing IT professionals with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done - whether that's specific learning on an emerging technology or optimizing key skills in more established tools.

As part of our mission, we have also awarded over $1,000,000 through our Open Source Project Royalty scheme, helping numerous projects become household names along the way.

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