Complete understanding of a GPS Tracking System, Soft & Hard

Learn how a GPS Tracking System is working and how to built your own system.

  Soufiane Wahi

   GPS, Control Systems, IT & Software

Language - English Published on 07/2022


The GPS Tracking system is somethings that become more and more used by people, companies, and other entity.

And it's a quite complex system, as it's not only a software application or a hardware element. it's a combination of a lot of things:

  • Your own software application (which is a combination of a lot of modules)

  • The GPS Tracker Device

  • The satellite

  • The vehicle

  • The ISP

  • Additional hardware

So to deal with all this, fix issues, and manage such a system, you should have a complete understanding of this system, the role of each thing, and how each element is working, and communicating with the other.

So this is what this course is about, explaining the whole process with details, and also the power of that system, what it can give us as benefits. how to solve problems, great tools to use.

All this, based on my 4 years experience, working intensively on that Systems, and dealing with multiple clients with large fleets of vehicle, and a lot of needs.

What Will I Get ?

  • What is a GPS Tracking System?
  • How a GPS Tracker Device works?
  • Building a Tracking system architecture
  • Tips for a GPS Tracking Project
  • Great tools for a GPS Tracking system


  • You only need to have basic knowledge in network and software, you still can have most of the course if you don't have those basics.

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Complete understanding of a GPS Tracking System, Soft & Hard
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