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Complete Practical Regular Expressions (Regex)

person icon Kyrylo Yefimenko


Complete Practical Regular Expressions (Regex)

Master Regular Expressions (Regex) for Python, Java, Javascript, Golang or any other tool through practical exercises

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Kyrylo Yefimenko

English [CC]

category icon Data Science,Machine Learning

Lectures -34

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Duration -3.5 hours



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Course Description

Regular expressions (regex) is not an easy topic and many people just ignore its existence until met with the necessity to use them. I heard many times the phrase "If you have a problem and you use regular expressions to solve that problem, then you have two problems." and I really hate it. I then realized that people who say that are the people who do not know how to write proper regular expressions.

That is why I'm sharing the knowledge on the most important concepts of regex. After you grasp them, writing regular expressions will become quite easy, but the most important part is that YOU WILL SAVE AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF TIME using regex. Tasks that took 1 hour to complete, now might take minutes or even seconds. With practice, the amount of time you save for yourself will be increasing.

That is why this course is very practical and will focus on real-life examples. It is appropriate for any knowledge level: beginner, intermediate or advanced and contains regular expressions cheat sheets. The content is also divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. In each of those levels, increasingly difficult regular expression concepts will be discussed in a practical manner through exercises. We will always be focusing on how we can write and apply our regular expressions to real-life examples so when you finish the course, you will have the experience required to write any regular expression you might need.

You will learn:

  • regular expressions basics;
  • regular expressions quantifiers (number of characters): ranges, at least one, one or none, etc.;
  • regular expressions shortcuts through character classes and groups
  • regular expressions alternation;
  • regular expressions parenthesis and how they are used for in easy and complex situations;
  • regular expressions lookaround: lookahead and lookbehind.

You will practice and learn how to write:

  • regular expressions for URL validation;
  • regular expressions for password validation;
  • regular expressions for numeric data validation and extraction;


The course can be used to apply the regular expressions in Python, Java, Javascript, Golang, C, C#, or any other programming language. What you will learn is also applicable outside the programming languages. Any tool that supports regular expressions will allow you to benefit from this course. Think about regular expressions for grep, excel, or even google analytics. The regular expressions cheat sheets that are provided at the end of each section will help you to hold the knowledge outside the course!


  • Learn basic to advanced concepts of regular expressions

  • Master the core concepts and make writing regular expressions trivial

  • Practice your skills with 45+ hands-on exercises

  • Be able to tackle tasks using regular expressions and drastically reduce the time consumed on them

  • Differentiate yourself at work with the knowledge on regular expressions


  • No prior knowledge on regular expressions is required. You will learn all there is!

  • A computer with internet access.

Complete Practical Regular Expressions (Regex)


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3 Lectures
  • play icon Who, What, How and Why 06:22 06:22
  • play icon Tools we are going to use: Regex101 08:24 08:24
  • play icon How regular expressions work 08:42 08:42
Basic Level
6 Lectures
Intermediate Level
13 Lectures
Advanced Level
11 Lectures
1 Lectures

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Kyrylo Yefimenko

Kyrylo Yefimenko

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