Complete NodeJS Developer Course in Tamil

Learn NodeJS Concepts in Tamil

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   Published on 10/2021



Node JS is a free source software that has been widely used for setting up Java code outside the web browser. This course allows you to learn about the internal concepts of Node JS along with the practical application. The entire course is divided into three original structures that provide tutorials in three levels. The basic level tutorials comprise simple topics that provide an excellent introduction about the subject and how to install them along with other requirements. Every single concept is explained with a detailed example.

This course is available in the Tamil language. All the video tutorials are self-explanatory without the requirement for a book reference in the background. These videos can be replayed multiple times to understand the concept, depending upon your speed of learning.

Why this course?

Some people may wonder why we have to choose this course. But the actual truth is that this is one of the recent application development-based courses widely used in the current software industry. Understanding the concept will cause improved development and allow the students to decorate their resume with excellent job opportunities. Most companies nowadays prefer students who learn the latest software, even if they are not available in the college or any other educational syllabus.

This course explains some of the basic concepts of node JS in the initial sector. The advanced level course explains the synchronization and mongoose node JS codes. Learning this course will allow you to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject. It also explains a variety of variables postman and mongo database unification. So technically, once completed, this course will allow you to join a job immediately with no practical knowledge.

What Will I Get ?

  • Basic concepts of Node JS

  • Control web application from the backend.

  • Control heavy computation in V8 Javascript.

  • Mongoose Node JS

  • Introduction - Practical application of Node JS.


  • A properly functioning laptop with a good internet connection is required.

  • Basic knowledge of operating computers.

  • An understanding of the applications of Node JS is expected.

  • The latest Node JS software for installation is required.

  • Applications like Java and other backup requirements. (will be informed to you during the first two free classes.)

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Complete NodeJS Developer Course in Tamil
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