Complete guide to program a Video game with C++ since scratch

2D videogame c++

  Oscar Daniel De La Cruz Jara

   2D Game Development, C++, Development

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2022



Do you want to develop a video game with only your basic knowledge of C ++.?

This course is very detailed step by step where I will explain you what each method, attribute and why of each header are for. Also, at the end of the instructional video series you will find the project code in a .rar file and the UML diagram in a .txt

This course is very interactive, and you will put all your knowledge to practice in a great fun project with Visual Studio.

Also, in this course you will see how to correctly use Object Oriented Programming (OOP) such as aggregation, composition and inheritance in a correct and detailed way. In addition to passing data from one form to another, in this case from the main menu to the game sale.

Will we use Windows Forms?

For the visual part, we will use Windows Forms, where we will use the toolbox to use the timer that serves for the movement of Sprites within an interval. Also, we will use the labels, textboxs and Bitmaps to draw our characters within the form.

In addition, to create the amount of characters we need we will use double pointer arrangements for both the Shooting Sprites and Enemies. In the same way, you will learn all the types of collisions that can exist within a game such as arrangement against arrangement of characters, sprite against a sprite, etc.

Will we need allegro or codeblocks?

Codeblocks and Allegro will not be used for this course. On the other hand. I love video game development so I like to instruct and pass on my knowledge so that students are not left with doubts that many times we have to spend time searching for the answer online. That is why I tried to do this series, as it would have been explained to me, clearly and directly.

Will I need some knowledge to take this course?

No, you only need visual studio downloaded.

Why should i take this course?

This course is highly recommended because it starts from scratch to a high level expert in c++. Also, you'll learn to handle sprites, bitmaps, windows forms. But, before that, we will working with methods to do collisions, movement, drawing of our characters of videogame and so on.

What Will I Get ?

  • You will learn step by step to develop a video game from scratch only with c ++ and visual studio
  • You will learn about OOP (inheritance, aggregation, composition).
  • You will learn to use Sprites, Bitmaps and Buffers correctly.
  • You will learn how to use Windows Form tools (timer, buttons, labels, textboxs, etc).
  • You will learn to pass values from one form to another and build game levels.
  • You will learn to give movement and methods of pursuit and shooting to your characters.
  • You will learn to elaborate your UML diagram of the project.
  • You will learn to implement double pointer arrays.
  • You will learn about Collisions between Sprites and Arrays


  • Basic knowledge of C ++
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