Complete DevOps And CI/ CD With Jenkins By Spotle.ai

Learn the fundamentals of DevOps and CI/ CD with Jenkins from an expert in real-life business scenarios

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   Published on 03/2022



DevOps has been one of the most trending career options in recent times. Spotle in collaboration with leading industry experts and practitioners has introduced this course, ‘DevOps And CI/ CD With Jenkins By Spotle.ai’.

DevOps is a cultural movement which emphasizes on strong communication and collaboration between Development team and Operations team. It also ensures continuous integration and continuous delivery process by automating software delivery and infrastructure changes. So, DevOps is basically a combination of processes, tools and frameworks in which both Development and Operations team work together with common delivery goals throughout the software development lifecycle starting from Ideation to Production support.

For any organization that want to implement DevOps, not only they need a complete cultural shift by accepting and adapting the DevOps mindset but also, they need to implement automation using useful automation tools that support all major areas of Project lifecycle, i.e., Development, Testing, Communication, CI/CD, Configuration Management, Security and Monitoring & Alerting.

In this course we will give you a 360-degree coverage of DevOps. We will implement CI/ CD hands-on with Jenkins. We will explain things with examples. As you finish this course, you should be ready for the world with DevOps. 

In case you already do not know, the entry-level salary of a DevOps engineer in the US is around USD 75K. The salary goes up to USD 120K for the experienced DevOps engineers.

What Will I Get ?

  • You will understand the pain points in the traditional software development life cycle which created the need for DevOps and CI/ CD.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of DevOps, CI/ CD, DevOps Toolchain and Values, DevOps Roles And Responsibilities with examples from real life IT business scenarios.
  • You will learn CI/ CD end-to-end hands-on with Jenkins from an expert who has been implementing it in real-life business scenario for years.


  • This course is for anyone interested in a rewarding career in DevOps.
  • It will be helpful if you have the basic, beginner level concepts of software development lifecycle.
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