Complete Back-end (PHP) Course from Scratch with projects

Learn Everything from Basic PHP to Advance PHP with Codeigniter 4 & Laravel9 & also with CRUD and Registration System

Course Description

Want to learn about the Back-end? This is the primary question when a person begins with nothing. The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the back end is PHP, the most popular and frequently used back-end programming language in the world. The majority of content management systems, such as Wordpress, used PHP due to its extensive capabilities, particularly with the release of PHP 7 and PHP 8.

This is no ordinary course; it's a Beast Course because we cover every subject; we begin with the basics, such as what PHP and the server are, how to install the server, and how to run PHP scripts. Then, the fundamental ideas of PHP, such as loops, functions, variables, operators, and OOP in PHP, are discussed.

We cover the essential OOP principles in PHP, such as classes, methods, and interfaces, as well as how to communicate with a database using PHP. We discuss PHP's CRUD operations so that you can quickly comprehend how to do the insert, update, and delete procedures after you have mastered the fundamentals of PHP and OOP.

If you've mastered PHP's fundamentals, we'll introduce you to SQL and explain how it works; once you're familiar with SQL queries, we'll introduce the Codeigniter 4 framework.

While working on the Codeigniter 4 framework, we begin from scratch with how to download and set up Codeigniter, and we introduce you to the fundamentals of CI 4. Once you understand the fundamentals of CI4, we examine the Libraries and helpers, and most importantly, how you can connect to your database using CI4. Then, we execute the CRUD action in Codeigniter 4; while doing the CRUD process, we download and configure the new configuration so that you can readily comprehend what is occurring.

We also teach you the login and registration system in Codeigniter 4 and do our best to provide suggestions for establishing a professional Codeigniter 4 project.

You should strongly consider this if you are studying web programming without utilizing Laravel. Yes, production on the Laravel 9 series has begun, and new episodes will be published weekly. What you're saying, does it make sense? Coverage includes everything from Laravel 9 and routes to API migration and beyond.

This is thus not only a course; it is a Beast Course.


  • Completed Basics PHP Concepts
  • Completed SQL Concepts
  • Complete OOP in PHP
  • PHP with Database
  • CRUD in PHP
  • Codeigniter 4
  • Basics of Codeigniter
  • Codeigniter 4 with Database
  • Codeigniter 4 Libraries
  • Codeigniter 4 Helpers
  • CURUD in Codeigniter 4
  • Login and Signup System in Codeigniter 4


  • PC :)
  • Basic HTML Concepts
  • Basic Database Concepts
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Complete Back-end (PHP) Course from Scratch with projects
This Course Includes
  • 15.5 hours
  • 121 Lectures
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  • Language English
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