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Cloud Computing with IBM Bluemix

Created by Harshit Srivastava, Last Updated 02-Mar-2020, Language:English

Cloud Computing with IBM Bluemix

from Beginner to Advanced Level

Created by Harshit Srivastava, Last Updated 02-Mar-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • On completion of this course you would be able to develop and deploy your applications over IBM Cloud- Bluemix.
  • Having command over all the options, services and tools available.
  • You could develop Mobile, Web, IoT, AI, and other applications.
  • Learn to create an Object Storage, Watson ChatBOT, DevOps Toolchain.
  • Analytics Engine, Apache Spark, Container Registry, DB2 NoSQL Database, Dynamic Dashboard.
  • Push Notification- Web and Mobile, IoT Starter, Nodejs Cloudant DB Web Starter, Python Flask, Ruby Sinatra. etc.


  • No prerequisites at all. You just need a little experience of doing GOOGLE search only ! But if u are aware of some cloud based or web development tools and technologies, it is helpful.


In this course, we would explore IBM Cloud- Bluemix. Learn all the available services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform and Infrastructure categories. This course covers-

Storage, Network, Boilerplates, DevOps, Mobile, Analytics, Watson, CloudFoundry, Kubernetes, etc

At later parts we would develop and deploy our test applications on Bluemix. 

Course Content